Typing Fingers LT Examine App

Super !

Super ! Mais il faudrait une version pour AZERTY

Typing Fingers LT

Nice program for beginners. I love the graphics in this program and i would like to start the little ones regarding typing correctly and with speed.

Pretty Basic

Cute mainly for kids, the light version is only the home row. Seems nice though. Had a bit of trouble figuring out what they wanted me to do but then its typing flying keys, then all the keys, and then doing a test. That’s it!


My kids love this and are catching on quickly!!

One of the better Typing games

A simple straight forward typing game, that teaches finger position. It held my 7, 11, and 12 year old’s attention better than most typing games. There are a few grammatical english errors, but it does the job. I recommend it.

Great way to learn, but..

The lite version only covers a few letters, then you have to pay to unlock content. Id be willin gto pay, but there is no shopping cart that shows you the price. It just asks for my apple ID pw to purchase without showing any price. For that reason, I gave the app 3 stars. Please add a price so we know what we are getting charged to upgrade, and then can make an informed decision! Also, Id love to see a typing test to start so ou can learn from where your current level is.

This is a great program and a lot of fun

I’m not sure how much the full version will end up costing me but we have enjoyed the lite version very much! I wish we had been able to have covered a few more letters but really enjoy what we’ve been able to use so far.

I’m annoyed

I just paid, $14.99 for an app were the Big Case, “V,” does not work? So, now my kids can’t even go on to the next level.

Best way to pratice typing

This is one of the best apps to practice typying. It reals helps the hand eye coordination. App is really interactive and helps to increase your speed and accuracy.

I enjoy this app easily helps me improve my hand eye coordination.

From mini games drawing lines directly to the keys to color coding fingers the keyboard this app has helped me type even though it is very ugly!


I’m using the free version and its great. I love the animations and the way the lessons are structured, it’s like a video game so I’m also having alot of fun. Once I have completed all the lessons I will purchase the paid version.

Fun and interactive

We bought this for the whole family and it has been great from 5 years old to 40

Horrible waste of time

The free version frequently does not work, and appears to be designed primarily to convince you to buy the paid version, which requires more payments every step of the way, and which also has so many glitches that it quits unexpectedly or freezes as often as the free version. Plus, the in app purchase feature interferes with the program all the time. Learning how to type is not rocket science, and this program makes the process more convoluted than merely figuring out how to type on your own. The app does not appear to be designed to educate users so much as being designed to take money from users every step of the way, and to freeze up and quit every other step of the way.

Typing Fingers LT

Using it to increase my typing speed. Just that the free version was just to short. SIgh but it was good while it lasted.

Enjoying this app

I am enjoying this app. I am hoping that it will help me improve my typing

Doesn’t Work!!!

Just downloaded the app and it plays music on a black screen and won’t do anything after that. Glad I didn’t buy the full version. Please fix this!!!

not very good

I got the demo because I thought it would help me type more than other typing games/lessons, but it was really slow and boring. Online, ther are free tryping lessons that are much more productive than this. I wouldnt recommend buying it, since there are free typing lessons/games online.


I got the demo and liked it but then suddenly it said "buy the next 27 levels" and I did just that. Then later it said "buy the next 27 levels" again and it chared me again. and then it happend again but this time I did not purchase it again. If you want the full version buy the app as allready the full version and uninstall the demo if you have it.

horrible typing program

takes way to long to start typing it is a rip off DO NOT GET IT YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED LIKE I WAS

Hard to understand

Character’s accent is difficult to understand. The program seems to expect you to go at certain speeds and does not respond if you go a little faster. We ended up key-mashing a lot.

Didn't work

This app was great for a few levels, but then it kept telling us to type a letter and no matter how many times we typed the correct letter, it said it was incorrect. It eventually got stuck on level 11 because it kept saying we were typing the wrong letter, even though we definitely weren't. Wish I could get my $5 back.

It works!!!

The developers have an amazing understanding of what works. I’ve always had super slow and poor typing speed making lots of errors all the time, especially on long documents. But after trying this for a while I’m already getting much better. My accuracy is improving and I’m going quicker so this app should save me lots of time and make me better! Thanks developers!

5 stars!

I cannot recommend this app enough... such a good way to learn


This app is incomprehensible, the grammar is terrible, the accent of the narration is bizarre, the game is unclear and the app stopped at J and never continued. What on earth?!

Notes from a Teacher

I've used this with some 1st graders and it's pretty good, but needs a few improvements here are my (and their) opinions: While the intro music is soothing, the sentence "What about to type with ten fingers?" is making my brain hurt! Please choose a grammatically correct sentence! Lose the silly faux-italian (?) accent - it's confusing and hard for kids to understand ... especially when paired with high school vocabulary words like 'diligent'. In the initial guided practice students must wait until the falling letter touches the onscreen keyboard, then press the key - then, in solo practice mode, they must press the letters *before* they fall onto the onscreen keyboard! Simplify this, by having the guided practice and solo practice the same way. Seems great otherwise - will probably purchase the unlocked version - but PLEASE get rid of the cheesy accent - the kids (six year olds) think it sounds ridiculous!

Bugs… quits unexpectedly and will not reopen

Pls fix this bug!!! Spent $5.00 and thought it was a good investment for my kid, but it quit working after just a week of installation. Deleted the app and reinstalled and still has the same issue! Reported to Apple, but to no avail. Pls UPDATE this App immediately!!! Then i will change my rating.


we liked it at first then when you got to level 4 it said you had to bye the next 29 levels


Happy that my kids are actually into an app that helps them develop tech skills - finally they will switch from 2- and 5- finger typing.

As a lass asks

Im old enough that i remember typing class in middle school and mindlessly drilling through made up words without order. Much better, glad my girl wont be dealing w/ that :)

fun learning

Wow I really love this app works well and is fun to use and learn at the same time

5 star

Without a doubt this app is 5 star… I'm enjoying using this and I think it does just what it says it does… helps me to learn to type! I'm already quicker now!

The best

Typing apps are nothing new. I remember using them at least ten years ago when computers were new and everybody had to try and learn the best way to type. However, I think they've improved since then and this app is a good choice, with games and tutorial levels. Dennis is a good character and makes it fun to play. This lite version is a good choice as it gives you the opportunity to try it and see if it's right for you, with just enough levels to get used to it, before trying the in app purchase with all of the nice features.


The developers have really thought of everything from the game element that makes it into a challenge once you've learnt the methods in the tutorials. It's amazing that you can get a certificate once you've completed everything… such a great touch and something that really makes children want to keep on trying it. So proud once they've done it… no other app thinks of that so really good from the developers.


This is something that I have been waiting for a long time, so as soon as I saw it I just had to download it! The tutorial mode is fantastic and serves as a great way to learn what to do! I’ve think the play mode is a really good idea and trying to set the record will mean that children really want to play so that they can beat their previous score! I think this is a great tool to help people learn where the keys are on a keyboard!

I love the background music!

Really weird but sometimes I put it on just for the music. It’s so relaxing hahahaha. It’s teaching me how to type too!

Seeing improvement

Downloaded this for my son who is starting to learn how to type. It’s working, but he still has to look down all the time. This might be better for desktops. Still very effective.

Typist Fingers LT--- Not even a sample

Typist Finger LT does not even give you a good sample of their product. You only get to use the letters "f" and "j" which is hardly enought to get a child started. Let alone interested in typing. It looks like it might be OK but we will never find out. A real let down for a parent.

New Mac user

With all the free apps out there, and the cost of Apple products, it would seem that Apple could include a free high quality app for typing….. dissappointed in you Apple !

You have to pay!

This program is set up very nicely but you don't find out until you start wanting to learn more than the first two letters that you have to pay for the rest of the lessons. So you get to learn how to type "f" and "j" for free but that's it until you pay.

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